Real-time cell parameter visibility
for better control, efficiency and capacity.

AMACS significantly increases process efficiency in mercury cell rooms by increasing the accuracy of both manual and automatic control of electrical process parameters. AMACS consists of an integrated network of PLCs, current and voltage sensors linked by a high speed, digital communications network to the latest computer hardware and software. Application specific software provides accurate, reliable and timely data for both manual as well as automatic process control. Integrated system diagnostics insure proper operation allowing the data provided to be used with confidence.

Special isolated dual-pickup, temperature compensated, sealed and maintenance free sensors reject ambient magnetic interference. Installation is as simple as attaching them to existing bus-work, no downtime is required. Automatic digital calibration insures accuracy while minimizing maintenance.

Data gathering, presentation and logging is performed by state-of-the-art software. Its full color graphical user interface makes it easy to use while comprehensive diagnostic and security features protect against faulty data and unauthorized use.

Typical system payback is estimated at less than 1 year
  • Savings of up to 0.30 volts per cell
  • K factors as low as 0.07
  • Current densities greater than 11KA / sq.m
  • Better cell optimization and problem analysis
  • Easier production rate change to take advantage of off-peak power rates
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