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Comprehensive reverse and over current protection.

The BCMR provides both the over current and reverse current protection particularly important in parallel rectifier applications. Without this 'line of protection', cascading semiconductor failures or even a catastrophic rectifier failure could occur. Either of these problems could bring down a process line for hours, days or weeks.

The economical BCMR-SML protects rectifiers from reverse or excessive forward current by providing alarm contacts, which can be used to automatically take the rectifiers off-line before severe damage can occur. The benefits are minimal rectifier damage costs and downtime.

One BCMR is used on each rectifier bus that feeds a common load. The BCMR consists of an electrically isolated, dual-magnetic field (bus current) sensor assembly that clamps to the bus and a control unit containing all electronics and control relays.

The BCMR provides instantaneous forward over-current and reverse-current current level alarms.
In addition, forward trips with adjustable over-current magnitude and persistence scales allow the trip points to closely match your rectifier performance.