Portable Clamp-On High-Current Measurement Instrumentation

DC Current Measurement

The COP is a lightweight and battery powered portable high current clamp-on system that is used for quick checks of DC bus bar currents in electro-chemical and industrial plants around the world. The COP is often used to measure the current distribution in parallel anode or cathode paths as well as verify power rectifier current. The sensor contains no iron, and remains linear even when used in the huge magnetic fields found in electrochemical plants. It is designed to operate in corrosive chemical atmospheres, under wide temperature variations and high magnetic fields. It provides DC current measurement in dual ranges up to 100 kA. Versions are available to measure AC RMS. current. Accuracy is 2.5%. The measurement head is available in variety of sizes and are interchangeable with a single metering unit.

AC & DC Pulse Current Measurement

The RR-30000/60000 high current probe provides current measurement up to 60kA AC RMS. The uniquely designed flexible head allows the RR to be used in tight spaces where a clamp-on type meter or CT cannot be used. The RR provides a voltage output proportional to the input current waveform in the bus. This output signal is available via a BNC connector and banana plug adaptor to allow quick connection to oscilloscopes, data loggers, or multi-meters.