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Highly proven bi-directional high-accuracy measurement

DynAmp LKB systems build on the performance of LKP, the most proven high-accuracy uni-directional/DC current measurement systems available for electro-industrial applications. By using a different set of driver/measurement electronics, the LKB series delivers 0.1% accuracy bi-directional current measurement performance up to +/- 80kA,

  • 0.1% accuracy class measurement for bi-directional currents up to 80kA
  • Non-contact design for installation ease and safety
  • Multi-channel, closed-loop hall-effect technology for superior performance in adverse magnetic, environmental and industrial conditions over the long term.
  • Extremely stable and responsive measurement for superior control performance
  • Split-head design for easy installation, eliminates bus bar cutting
  • Cast Aluminum construction for durability
  • Robust electronics for reliability and long life.
  • Included DynAmp Bus Analysis to ensure highest performance and accuracy in your specific application