High Current Measurement System Based on Fiber Optic Sensing Technology

LKCO is built on a foundation of patented measurement techniques, over 60 years of measurement expertise, over 8 years of development, and highly proven, military-grade optical sub-systems.



Two light waveforms that are in phase with each other but polarized in opposite directions enter the measurement section of the fiber optics surrounding the bus bar.

Due to the Faraday effect, the magnetic field of the bus current shifts the phase of the two waveforms but in opposite directions.

Interfering factors such as vibration also cause phase shifts in the waveforms but in the same direction. The relative phase shift between the two waveforms is unaffected. Accuracy is maintained.

Patented, closed-loop full compensation accurately nulls the phase between the waveforms. DynAmp’s closed-loop approach encompasses the opto-electronics, complete fiber circuit, and output signals. This unique approach automatically compensates for long-term gain, sensitivity, and repeatability variation.


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