GE Renewable Energy and DynAmp Sign Fiber Optic Technology Agreement

DynAmp has been sourcing its fiber optic sub-system from GE for almost 20 years. This agreement provides DynAmp with access to the GE Renewable Energy patents, intellectual property, and manufacturing processes needed to produce the fiber optic sub-system at its Grove City, Ohio, USA headquarters and factory.

This fiber optic technology is an integral sub-system in DynAmp's LKCO systems, which measure high electrical currents in electro-industrial applications. LKCO systems can measure currents to over 600kA DC with an accuracy of 0.1% or better.

Christopher Sherman, DynAmp's COO, comments this will improve DynAmp's ability to optimize the complete manufacturing process improving responsiveness and ultimately value. Brad Seavoy, DynAmp's president, states that by having the entire process under one control structure, DynAmp's ability to respond to present and future customer needs will be significantly enhanced thereby providing quicker innovation while avoiding cost increases.