Measurement, Control & Protection for 

Electro-Processes and High Power Conversion

DynAmp designs, manufactures, installs, calibrates and services products and systems for electro-chemical and electro-industrial applications.

All of our products incorporate over 40 years of experience to ensure superior, reliable performance in this uniquely harsh and demanding environment.

No single technology is right for all applications.

DynAmp offers a number of measurement technologies to fit the specific needs of each application

  • Fully Compensated Optical Technology
  • Closed-Loop Hall Effect Technology
  • Advanced OLOP Technology
  • Rogowski Coil Technology

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    High Accuracy Bi-directional (DC & AC) Closed-Loop,
    Fully Compensated, Fiber Optic Current Measurement

    High Accuracy Uni-directional (DC) Current Measurement

    High Accuracy Bi-directional (DC & AC) Current Measurement

    Metering Accuracy Rectifier Current Measurement and Protection Systems
    LKAT2 provides 0.25% basic measurement accuracy
    New LKAT MUT for testing LKAT systems after installation

    General Comparison of DynAmp LK _ Current Measurement Systems

    Multi-function Rectifier Protection System

    Basic Rectifier Reverse-Current Protection System

    Rectifier condition analysis system

    Cell voltage monitoring system for membrane chlorine processes

    Anode monitoring and control system for mercury cell chlorine processes

    Portable clamp-on high-current measurement instrumentation
    Peripheral & Custom

    Signal and process line voltage isolators, shunts, wattmeters, integrated systems

    Installation, Commissioning, Calibration, Repair, Training, Rectifier Services
    UpgradesPerformance upgrades for Existing Systems

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