Metering Accuracy Rectifier Current Measurement and Protection Systems

Knowing different power conversion applications have different performance requirements, DynAmp realized that a new class of measurement was needed. The product had to be dependable, responsive, and provide metering-class accuracy with additional functionality tailored specifically for high-power conversion applications. To achieve this, DynAmp worked with leading rectifier manufacturers from initial concept through final design verification.

DynAmp’s LKAT products provide measurement for both rectifier control and protection in a single system. LKAT offers an exceptional and unmatched price/performance balance as compared to any alternative measurement technology.

By measuring the actual DC output of the rectifier, the control loop is dramatically shortened for superior responsiveness as compared to other, more “remote” measurement points such as ACCT measurement on the primary side or “measurement” windings within the rectifier transformer. Using the actual DC output of the rectifier as the control input eliminates the effects of changes in rectifier/transformer efficiency, dynamics between multiple transformer secondaries, and phase imbalance on the control of the rectifier.

While our LKCO and LKP systems provide the highest degree of accuracy, LKAT systems offer very good “metering” levels of accuracy with a higher degree of functionality and installation flexibility, all at a significantly lower cost.