Company History

Building on the knowledge of Halmar, and LEM, DynAmp has a unique understanding of high current applications with over 60 years of experience. This experience, combined with the latest technology, enables DynAmp to provide the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective power conversion and process monitoring systems available to industry.

Our unique experience and know-how equipped us to develop the OLOP measurement technology utilized in our next generation LKAT systems. Our 8-year effort to develop truly industrialized fiber optic current measurement technology yielded our LKCO systems which utilize patented, fully compensated, and completely closed-loop performance. With over 15,000 systems installed around the world, we are the global leader in high power conversion and process monitoring.

We truly understand why energy intensive processes need to increase efficiency, objectively compare multiple plants, and protect and control power conversion equipment.

Mr. Haley and Mr. Martin found Halmar Electronics
Halmar introduces DynAmp line of high current measurement products
LEM, a manufacturer of small DC current sensors, introduces systems >10kA
Robicon acquires Halmar
LEM acquires the DynAmp product line from Halmar-Robicon and establishes LEM DynAmp
Existing management buys LEM DynAmp establishing DynAmp, once again a privately owned, independent business