Peripheral & Custom

Available Products

DynAmp offers a variety of additional measurement information "processing" products for electro-industrial applications.

Process Voltage Isolators

These products are specifically designed to isolate higher DC voltages present on some process lines (up to 2.5kV) from "downstream" instrumentation and systems.

Standard Signal Isolators

These products are designed to isolate lower voltages converting an input signal to one of a number of forms (voltage/current, uni-polar, bi-polar). This allows for noise-free transmission through industrial environments and connection to a wide variety of instrument signal inputs.

DC Wattmeter

This high-accuracy wattmeter is specifically designed for DC power measurement. It offers unparalleled accuracy for industrial DC applications where ripple and noise are present.

Integrated Instrumentation

DynAmp designs, manufactures, and installs custom instrumentation packages specifically configured to customer applications and needs. Depending on the requirement, both industry standard components and custom products are utilized to provide the best as well as easily supported solutions. Contact us to discuss your requirements and put our experience and know-how to work for you.

Precision Instrumentation Shunts

High-accuracy, individually calibrated shunts allow for precise conversion of current signals to voltage. These shunts are designed specifically for LKCO, LKP and LKAT systems as well as discontinued LKC, CM, FM and CXM products. DynAmp shunts can be configured for individual systems or for totalizing multiple measurement systems to yield one “totalized” measurement signal.

Custom Systems

DynAmp also applies its experience and know-how to realizing custom systems designed to specific customer needs. If you don’t find exactly what you need in terms of products, systems, services or support, please contact us directly for a free consultation.